There are days in which you will have nothing to do, and you might want to do a relaxing drive. Well, actually, in my situation, I will allocate a time for this even just once a month. Driving along a scenic road is just relaxing, and will take away all those stress that had built up over the weekdays. I’m not a car expert, but I think any car will love a smooth ride. This list will be based on a personal research, judgement and experience so if you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to go to the contact page. Anyway, here we go.


The Black Spur.

Might be one of the best-known driving roads here in Melbourne, you will find this route between the town of Healesville and Narbethong. A few incidents have been reported because it attracted road racers before. The government took action and regulated this path, decreasing the speed limit to 80 kilometers per hour from the 100 kilometers per hour before. However, do not let this fret you, cruising just below 80 kilometers per hour is one of the best, after all, a relaxing drive is not about the maximum speed you can get, it’s about the drive and the scenery.

Kinglake Road

Specifically, the ride between St. Andrews to Kinglake is greatly enjoyable for anyone.. If you timed it well, it would be one smooth cruise from start to the end. The scenery is something that you could enjoy, and there would be a lot of stopping place that is worth the visit.
This drive could also provide you access to more good driving roads like The Black Spur as written above. Be sure to end your destination with an excellent meal from the restaurants that you could find beside the road.


Marysville Woods Point Road

It is not that long; the way here is not entirely concrete, but it will one of the best ride you’ll experience ever. Not everyone gets to experience because they usually stop at Marysville and will not continue to Marysville Woods Point Road but trust me, if you will go ahead and take this road, it will be one experience that you’ll always crave. I will not provide many details since I do not want to spoil the experience for you guys. But, once you experienced it, promise me to send me a message, or maybe a picture so that we can talk about it.


If you decided to go on a road trip with good driving routes, driving anywhere up north or near Yarra Valley and around Kinglake is a good choice. Look up the streets using Google Maps, then plan it in advance depending on how far would you like to travel. There are a lot of great towns that you could stop over, try out some food and who knows, you might experience one of the best recipes you ever experienced. And by the way, let me tell you a little tip. A good road that will be your favorite is something that no one has mentioned because everyone wants to keep it for themselves. Even I has my own favorite, I will not tell you though, I already provided to you the tips, go ahead and look up something for yourself. Have a safe and enjoyable trip!